苯泄漏事故处置的程序和措施为()。 A.接警出动、个人防护、现场询情、侦察检测、设立警戒、疏散救生、排除险情和清理移交 B.接警出动、个人防护、现场询情、侦察检测、设立警戒、疏散救生 C.接警出动、个人防护、现场询情、侦察检测、排除险情、现场急救、作好灭火准备和清理移交。 D.接警出动、个人防护、现场询情、侦察检测、设立警戒、疏散救生、控毒排险、现场急救、洗消处理、清理移交
1、 454.3 billion and 1.35 trillion can be interpreted into ______ and _____ respectively in Chinese.
A. 454.3亿,13500亿
B. 454.3亿,1.35万亿
C. 4543亿,1.35万亿
D. 4543亿,1350亿
2、 English and Chinese have great differences in the expression of numbers, which is mainly reflected in their different ways of segmentation. In English every ______ single digit is put in a segment, and each segment is denoted by words like "thousand", "million", "billion" and "trillion" from low to high. In Chinese, every four single digit is put in a segment.
3、 “1500万微信用户”can be interpreted into “fifteen ______ Wechat users “ in English.
4、 We should pay attention to the translation of the Chinese expression “翻番“. ”翻一番“means twice sth, ”翻两番“means four times sth, “ 翻三番”means 6 times sth.
A. 正确
B. 错误
5、 Speakers’ attitudes can be expressed by using the following lexical bundles except _____.
A. I don’t know if
B. in the case of
C. are more likely to
D. I was going to
6、 _____ bundles serve the functions of topic introduction and topic clarification.
7、 The referential bundle ‘have a lot of’ can specify specific attributes of the following nouns in terms of _____.
8、 We may regard any continuous or discontinuous multi-word units as lexical bundles that are, rarely or frequently, used in natural language.
A. 正确
B. 错误
9、 Interpreters tend to use lexical bundles in both simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting because of the easy access to them in their memory.
A. 正确
B. 错误
10、 CSC represents not only cutting-edge career training, but also a major advance in the practice of ______.
A. cost savings
B. economic development
C. supply chain management 
D. corporate social responsibility
11、 The CSC idea is to instill ______ and leadership skills for less-structured, diverse business environment and cultures.
A. market competence
B. global perspective 
C. managerial confidence 
D. partnership
12、 The potential drawback of this investment ______ is that it is exclusive in the U.S. when many believe international diversification is helpful.
A. return
B. collection
C. classification
D. portfolio
13、 The alignment of charitable giving with business strategy, company skills and market needs is called ______.
A. performance assessment
B. shareholder responsibility
C. CSR value curve
D. strategic philanthropy
14、 This overseas post requires constant ______ among Southeast Asian countries. Are you willing to take it?
A. dispatching
B. disperse
C. sending
D. redeployment
15、 I don’t think I will take a(n) role, but rather become a consultant on merchandise and marketing.
A. cutting-edge
B. exempting
C. execute 
D. executive  
16、 ______ is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business.
A. Starting-up
B. Entrepreneur spirit
C. Entrepreneurship
D. Business renovation
17、 许多企业社会责任倡议,包括减少能源消耗等,都是有助于降低成本结构或者增加产能的双赢局面。The underlined phrase “双赢局面” is in English.
A. win-win scenarios 
B. win-win outcome
C. wining opportunities
D. winning situations
18、 Code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms, religious rules and responsibilities of, and or proper practices for, an individual.In Chinese, “code of conduct” is ______.
A. 行动管理
B. 行动密码
C. 行为准则
D. 管理规范
19、 Trust is the foundation of the BBC ______; we are independent, impartial and honest.
A. business ethics
B. corporate values
C. business value
D. corporate ethic
20、 Outperforming companies that grasp the benefits of a CSR strategy are more likely to ______ and ______.
A. collaborate
B. integrate
C. confront challenges
D. innovate 
21、 CSC assignment’s initial aim was to develop the skills and experience to succeed as new global leaders.
A. 正确
B. 错误
22、 The statement “In the past, business was only responsible to shareholders” means companies are set up to fulfill investors’ business and societal plans.
A. 正确
B. 错误
23、 Companies are beginning to align business objectives with CSR so as to reduce cost and enter less favorable market.
A. 错误
B. 正确
24、 Values-based regulation must be placed ahead of legal compliance when companies integrate CSR into core business strategy.
A. 正确
B. 错误
25、 If you’re looking to boost customer satisfaction, one of the most promising places to start is ______.
A. stakeholder interest
B. financial goals
C. customer service
D. customer management
26、 It is believed that increased satisfaction has a (an) ____impact on consumer spending, cash flow, and business performance.
A. positive
B. negative
C. neutral
D. unknown
27、 A study of 200 companies shows a clear correlation between higher levels of customer satisfaction and______.
A. share dividends
B. stake risks
C. stock options
D. stock prices
28、 Customer service calls involve direct interaction between ______.
A. customers and distributors
B. companies and their customers
C. manufactures and distributors
D. companies and manufactures
29、 Customer are fed up with lousy service and that increased satisfaction has a positive impact on consumer spending, cash flow, and business performance. What does the underline word “lousy” probably mean?
A. uncomfortable
B. unpredictable
C. disgusting
D. unsatisfactory
30、 Not only have they produced a higher stock returns, but their stock values and cash flows have been less volatile. What does the underline word “volatile” probably mean?
A. fluctuating 
B. stable
C. unalterable
D. solid
31、 One possibility she is seriously considering is to introduce a line of sorbets based on exotic fruits like kiwi and mango and that use low-calorie sweeteners.What does the underlined word “exotic” probably mean?
A. foreign
B. tasty
C. native
D. toxic  
32、 The stakes are high.What does the underlined word “stakes” probably mean?
A. steaks
B. shares
C. risks
D. stocks
33、 Overall, ice cream sales in the U.S. have declined 1 to 2 percent in recent years, except for Haagen-Dazs and a few other super premium producers.
A. 错误
B. 正确
34、 The decline in sales growth of super premium ice cream in the U.S. since the early 1990s is due to competition among ice cream producers.
A. 错误
B. 正确
35、 Americans nowadays prefer low-fat ice creams rather than rich taste ice cream.
A. 错误
B. 正确
36、 “Dessert junkies” who want to indulge without too much guilt are turning to low-fat frozen yogurt and low-fat ice cream.
A. 正确
B. 错误
37、 Many consumers believe that low fat mean low calorie.
A. 错误
B. 正确
38、 Changes in companies’ customer satisfaction scores are reflected in the complex value chains that ultimately affect quarterly profits and stock prices.
A. 错误
B. 正确
39、 As people notice consistent quality differences, customers’ attitudes improve or deteriorate quite quickly.
A. 正确
B. 错误
40、 If a country has a negative balance of trade, .
A. it is a net importer
B. it is a net exporter
C. its value of imports equals to the value of exports
D. its value of exports exceeds the value of imports 
41、 The price in an export sales contract should be quoted in ______.
A. USD110/bag Shanghai
B. USD120/ctn FOB
C. USD100/unit CIF New York
D. USD140 CFR Shanghai 
42、 All of the followings are capital goods except .
A. factory goods 
B. machinery
C. shoes 
D. money
43、 The term “______ exports of goods” means the trade value of exports which “have been adjusted for price changes”.
A. true 
B. genuine
C. real
D. nominal
44、 Generally speaking, the investors prefer to buy government bonds because the on government bonds is/are higher than those on corporate bonds.
A. yields
B. differences
C. balance
D. spreads
45、 Normally, a typical ______ follows the pattern of prosperity, recession, depression, and recovery.
A. economic downturn
B. economic surge
C. business decline
D. business cycle
46、 美国制造业是主要的受益者。The underlined expression “受益者” is ______ in English.
A. investor
B. beneficiary   
C. ledger 
D. receiver
47、 Securities are stocks, shares, bonds, or other certificates that you buy in order to earn regular interest from them or to sell them later for a profit.The Chinese version for “securities” is ______.
A. 股票债券
B. 有价证券
C. 抵押品 
D. 安保措施
48、 The year 1978 ___ / ___ the reforming and opening-up in China.
A. witnessed 
B. took place
C. saw
D. occurred
49、 The global credit markets see little risk in lending, suggesting a climate that will accommodate borrowing.“accommodate” here means .
A. 票据通融
B. 调解
C. 适应
D. 满足…需求
50、 Few nations of the world have the raw materials, climate, technology, and skilled labor needed to produce all the goods and services they may desire.
A. 错误
B. 正确