1、 In the US, mainstream media is supposed to divert people with things like “professional sports, sex scandals, or the personalities and their problems,” according to What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream.
2、 Dramas as a TV genre are usually fictional TV shows/programs that are about serious subjects or issues, unlike comedies that are created to make people laugh.
3、 Carefully considering who you are writing for will have an impact not only on the content of your writing and the organization of your ideas, but also on the style of writing.
4、 On a line chart, the x-axis is also called the dependent axis because its values depend on those of the y-axis.
5、 The business research process is about learning everything possible about a company’s competitors and existing customers.
6、 All that Web 2.0 really delivers is more dubious content from anonymous sources, __________ our time and __________ to our gullibility.
A、to hijack, to play
B、hijacking, playing
C、hijacks, plays
D、hijacked, played
7、 The Web 2.0 revolution comes __________ the cost of sacrificing truth and trust.
8、 These friends of multi–millionaire founder Tim O’Reilly are __________ unconventionally rich and richly unconventional __________ harbor a messianic faith in the economic benefits of the cult of the amateur and cultural benefits of technology.
A、not, but
B、rather, than
C、as well, as
D、not only, but also
9、 My dream of making the world a more musical place had fallen on deaf ears; the promise of using technology to bring more culture to the masses __________ by FOO Campers’ collective cry for a democratized media.
A、had drowned out
B、has drowning out
C、had been drowned out
D、has been drowned out
10、 A lie can make its way around the world __________ the truth has the chance to put its boots on.
11、 Brexit is the buzzword __________ with the UK Government still failing to agree on an EU-Brexit divorce deal.
A、on everyone's lips
B、in everyone's mouth
C、to everyone's ears
D、for everyone's eyes
12、 A negative mindset __________ your success and also your relationships as you don’t show up as the best version of yourself.
13、 He __________ to his murder of Lord Barton.
14、 Even though John's project was awful, I did not want to __________ his efforts so I went out of my way to pay him a compliment on his work.
15、 The US real estate sector has been __________ by the financial crisis.
16、 “On National Prejudices” is a persuasive essay written by the Anglo-Irish writer Oliver Goldsmith in the early 20th century.
17、 According to “On National Prejudices”, the author thinks that all European nations are citizens of the world.
18、 Among the three words Spaniard, Dutch and German, Spaniard is the only word that cannot be used to refer to a language.
19、 The author thinks that the gentleman’s remark about the characters of some European nations are ignorant and unfair.
20、 It was the Greek philosopher Aristotle who proposed the concept of “the citizen of the world”.
21、 Which of the following words means “showing an unreasonably strong desire to obtain and keep money”?
22、 Which of the following words is used in the essay as a positive description of the French people?
23、 As Nicolas Sarkozy’s prime minister, he has been seen as a safe pair of hands, a calming influence on the _____________ president.
24、 Which of the following choices best explain what the underlined “which” in the following sentence refers to? I accidentally fell into the company of half a dozen gentlemen, who were engaged in a warm dispute about some political affair; the decision of which, as they were equally divided in their sentiments, they thought proper to refer to me, which naturally drew me in for a share of the conversation.
A、The gentlemen.
B、The political affair.
C、The dispute.
D、The gentlemen’s sentiments.
25、 Which of the following choices is grammatically similar to the underlined part of the following sentence? Did these prejudices prevail only among the meanest and lowest of the people, perhaps they might be excused, as they have few, if any, opportunities of correcting them by reading, traveling, or conversing with foreigners.
A、Did they prejudice against the black candidate during the election?
B、Had I known the killer escaped, I would not have gone for a walk in the woods.
C、Even if we did prevail, the legal fees probably would exceed the damages we might reasonably expect to recover.
D、They did prevail, and they were immediately ready to reap the benefits of that victory.
26、 Which of the following is NOT most governments’ practice to control monopolies?
A、imposing price controls
C、offering financial aids
D、breaking big corporations into two or more competing firms.
27、 Which of the following is NOT the reason accounting for economists’ change of attitude towards antitrust policies nowadays?
A、Some anti-trust acts failed to increase competition
B、Antitrust laws can prevent many useful mergers
C、The monopoly can also benefit the economy
D、The anti-trust laws result in the worsening economic situation worldwide
28、 Why did the Microsoft lobbyists warn that Europe’s anti-monopoly squad will now go after other technology firms with high market shares?
A、To protect the technology firms from the punishment of the European Court
B、To discourage the EU from staying on the case by stoking fear among the technology firms
C、To help the allies of Microsoft by providing more information
D、To gain the public support for the next litigation by exposing the plan of the Court
29、 What is the major contention of Microsoft regarding the commission’s request to release the communication protocols of Microsoft?
A、It is an infringement of the intellectual property right of Microsoft
B、It will greatly encourage competition which is a waste of social resources
C、It will harm the national economy in a long run
D、It cannot be realized within several years due to technical problems
30、 Microsoft was accused of maintaining its Windows monopoly in two ways:
A、Variations in pricing and rebates in sales
B、The bundling sale and the technological lock-in
C、Charging excessive royalties and the bundling sale
D、The technological lock-in and ruthless competitions
31、 The “leniency policy” adopted by European Commission encourages companies to hand over inside evidence of cartels to the local court, which effectively destabilizes the cartel.
32、 “Pass sentence” means a judge decides that the defendant is innocent so the punishment like imprisonment can be passed or avoided.
33、 In recent years, U.S. authorities enforce U.S. antitrust laws even against conducts occurring entirely outside the United States. Individuals and companies that have never set foot on the United States can still get involved in anti-trust litigations in the U.S.
34、 The Clinton White House had sought to negotiate a settlement with Microsoft, but the effort was thwarted by the new Republican president in power who decided to pursue the case championed by Clinton.
35、 According to the author, European regulators are unlikely to go after every technology firm with a big market share. One of the reasons is that there are not so many large computer platforms like Windows.
36、 Talking about the dangers of protectionism can prevent a trade war.
37、 The rise of China and India raised deep concerns over export penetration in the U.S. and Europe.
38、 Although America’s export declined 6 percent last year, China’s increased 9 percent.
39、 Detroit’s Big Three were rescued by the U.S. government because they employed tens of thousands of Americans.
40、 Since 1947 discrimination has been an issue discussed in trade negotiations.
41、 ______ is the trend that will politicize economic policy decisions.
A、The massive intrusion of governments into national economies
B、The new fiscal stimulus plans launched to counter the economic downturn
C、The bailout plans to protect national industries
D、The global trade barrier
42、 ______ may lead to the most dangerous trade conflicts.
A、Wrangling over traditional subsidies or tariffs
B、Antidumping investigations around the world
C、The new fiscal stimulus plans
D、Filing a large suit against the subsidization of exports
43、 Are Asian countries faced with the same problem as Western countries in terms of protectionism? If not, why are they special?
A、Yes, Asian countries are faced with the same problem as Western countries in terms of protectionism.
B、No, because the possibility of competitive currency devaluations could be particularly acute among Asian countries, which collectively rely on exports for more than 40 percent of their GDP.
C、No, because most Asian countries are developing countries and most Western countries are developed countries.
D、No, because Asian countries are not active as the Western countries in protecting their domestic industries.
44、 The “monkey wrench” in the “Complex global supply chains crisscross the world, making discrimination on the basis of nationality a throwback to another age and a monkey wrench in the machinery of modern global commerce.” means ________.
A、The discrimination on the basis of nationality will be of some help to the modern global commerce.
B、The discrimination on the basis of nationality will greatly boost the modern global commerce.
C、The discrimination on the basis of nationality will be a hindrance to the system of modern global commerce.
D、The discrimination on the basis of nationality will completely destroy the system of modern global commerce.
45、 “Meanwhile, there are straws in the wind.” means ______.
A、The air is filled with dried yellowish stalks from crops.
B、There are straws everywhere after people have their drinks.
C、The global economy needs to cherish its one last chance to revive itself.
D、There are signs of future protectionist measures concerning the economy.
46、 Which of the following items is NOT a common measure of economic sanctions?
A、Exchange rate manipulation
47、 Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about P5+1 countries?
A、The countries include the five permanent members of the United Nations security council with the addition of Germany.
B、P5 +1 countries include Japan, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States plus Germany.
C、The P5+1 countries are a group of world powers who are working on the Iran Nuclear Deal.
D、The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was reached between Iran and P5+1 in 2015.
48、 Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about IAEA.
A、IAEA is widely known as the world’s “Atoms for Peace and Development”.
B、The full name of IAEA is the International Atomic Energy Agency.
C、Iran’s nuclear program is not subject to the IAEA's verification.
D、IAEA reports to both the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council.
49、 Attempts are being made to settle the dispute by _____ means.
50、 There are ongoing ______ negotiations between the USA and China over trade agreements.