He cannot speak Japanese well; ______, he is incapable of speaking the language. A.therefore B.so C.but D.in fact
1、 The justice selection process is intended to maintain separation of powers between the_____.
A. Congress and the president.
B. Senate and the president.
C. Congress and the Supreme Court
D. Senate and the Supreme Court
2、 Which of the following statements shows that “the Constitution is superior to all other laws?”
A. if a law conflicts with the Constitution,  it will become invalid.
B. the Constitution is earlier than any other law in American history.
C. the Constitution can replace other laws.
D. other laws originate from the Constitution.
3、 Common law follows the principle of _______, which means later cases should follow the decisions of similar past cases.
A. procedural justice 
B. justice
C. constitution
D. stare decisis
4、 In the case of the use of marijuana, which of the following statements is true?
A. There is no conflicts concerning the use of marijuana between state laws and the federal law.
B. The federal prosecutors can restrain the state marijuana business even if it is legal in that state. 
C. The federal prosecutors have no right to regulate state marijuana business if it’s legal in that state.
D. The federal government’s attitude towards marijuana remains the same at all times. 
5、 Due process of law means that ____should both be fair and just.
A. the court and judges
B. the court and laws
C. the law and the conviction
D. the law and the procedure
6、 In America, what does it mean if a defendant enters a “plea bargain”?
A. It means the defendant appeals to a higher court.  
B. It means the defendant asks for law services.
C. It means the defendant attempts to employ a better lawyer.
D. It means the defendant pleads guilty in exchange for fewer charges or a lighter sentence.
7、 The two main sources of crime rate in the US are
A. the annual Uniform Crime Reports
B. the annual National Crime Reports
C. the annual National Crime Victimization Surveys
D. the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
8、 The main reasons that Americans do not feel safe are the following but
A. the availability of firearms
B. the exaggerated media coverage of crime scenes
C. interest groups and corporate power for inciting fear
D. crime rate is on the rise
9、 What caused the high incarceration rate in the US?
A. High crime rate
B. Expansion of private prisons
C. “Tough-on-crime” policy
D. “War-on-drugs” policy
10、 Which of the following drugs are illegal in the US?
A. Methamphetamine
B. Marijuana
C. Narcotics
D. Panadol
11、 Drug offenses include
A. possession of prescription drugs
B. trafficking of drugs
C. stealing
D. murder
12、 What are the measures taken to tackle the drug problem by the US government?
A. Cooperation with mafia drug cartels
B. Expansion of incarceration of non-violent drug offenders
C. More funding
D. Legalization of prescription drugs
13、 Opponents of gun control believe that
A. the right to own and use a gun is given by god.
B. guns deter crime rather than cause crime.
C. limiting the amount of ammunition legally allowed to be purchased can reduce mass shooting.
D. terrorism is more dangerous than domestic shooting.
14、 The Democratic Party is more prone to promote
A. the reform of mental health laws.
B. universal background checks.
C. longer waiting periods between firearm purchase.
D. the resumption of death penalty.
15、 The causes of police abuse to people of color are
A. higher rate of poverty and unemployment among them.
B. exaggerated media coverage of the threat of colored people.
C. racial bias.
D. gun and drug problems.
16、 What does “the Ferguson effect” mean?
A. Too much crime will inevitably cause tension between black people and the police.
B. Too much pressure imposed on the police will lead to increased crime rate.
C. The shooting of the black man in Ferguson will cause greater riot among people of color.
D. The government will implement harsher measures to reduce police abuse.
17、 “We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This quotation is from the:
A. Articles of Confederation
B. Declaration of Independence
C. The Federalist papers
D. U.S. Constitution
18、 The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees all the following except ___________.
A. freedom of religion
B. right to peaceably assemble
C. freedom of speech
D. freedom from the death penalty
19、 Which event directly provoked the American Revolution?
A. New taxes imposed by Britain on the colonies
B. The France-Britain War
C. No representation of the colonies in the British Parliament
D. The Boston Tea Party incident
20、 Congress can make the following laws except _________________.
A. Creating lower federal courts
B. Approving a budget for the federal government
C. Regulating foreign and interstate commerce
D. Education
21、 According to the Second Article of the Constitution, the minimum requirements for being a President include the following except _________________.
A. Being a natural-born citizen of the US
B. Being a male
C. Being at least 35 years old
D. Being a resident in the US for at least 14 years
22、 In 1852, ____________ became the first state to pass compulsory education law, making attendance mandatory for those between the age of 6 and 16.
A. Texas
B. Massachusetts
C. Washington DC
D. Los Angeles
23、 At college, credits can be earned by ________.
A. reading books
B. taking part in activities
C. attending lectures or lab classes and by completing assignments and examinations
D. consulting teachers
24、 Which of the ethnic groups has been most unhappy with the numerical quotas in the affirmative action?
A. American Indians
B. The Hispanics 
C. The whites
D. The blacks
25、 __________ includes a series of political campaigns for reform on issues such as reproductive rights, maternity leave, domestic violence, equal pay, women\'s right to vote, and sexual harassment.
A. The Feminist Movement
B. African-American Civil Rights Movement
C. The Independence War
D. The Civil War
26、 Who has direct control over the monetary policy and makes the decisions concerning it?
A. President
B. Federal Reserve Board
C. Department of Treasure
D. Congress
27、 The place in a newspaper where you could expect to see an objective news story about a major international event is
A. the review page
B. the front page
C. the editorial page
D. the op-ed page
28、 What is the symbol of the Democrats?
A. Elephant
B. Horse
C. Rabbit
D. Donkey
29、 The term _____________ refers to virtually any voluntary group that seeks to promote and advance its cause by the political process publicly.
A. company
B. corporation
C. interest group
D. political group
30、 When must an American retire from his job?
A. age 66
B. age 70
C. no maximum age
D. age 65
31、 Which of the following is one of the traditional commercial broadcast networks?
B. Fox News
32、 In America, which of the following holidays is similar to China\'s Tomb Sweeping Day?
A. Columbus Day
B. Memorial Day
C. Independence Day
D. Veteran Day
33、 In 1955, the first major American theme park --- ____________, was established in Anaheim, California.
A. Disneyland
B. Universal Studios parks
C. Sea World parks
D. Six Flags chain
34、 Judicial review refers to the power of the federal courts to __________.
A. forbid the federal government from contracting with employers who permanently replaced striking employees.
B. make the final interpretation of the Constitution.
C. declare a legislative or executive act invalid if it violates the Constitution.
D. extend the judiciary power into the realm of the executive branch.
35、 _________ is the final interpreter of the Constitution.
A. The Supreme Court
B. The Congress
C. All federal courts
D. The President
36、 Opponents of gun control believe that __________________.
A. terrorism is more dangerous than domestic shooting
B. limiting the amount of ammunition legally allowed to be purchased can deduce mass shooting
C. the right to own and use a gun is given by God
D. guns deter crime rather than cause crime
37、 A县人民政府为建宾馆,向该县B银行贷款500万元,届期未能偿还,B银行以A县人民政府为被告向人民法院提起诉讼。该案所涉及的法律关系( )。
A. 是平等主体之间的民事法律关系,应由民法调整
B. 是管理者和被管理者之间的纵向经济关系
C. 不是平等主体之间的民事法律关系
D. 应属政府行政行为
38、 甲、乙在火车上相识,甲怕自己到站时未醒,请求乙在A站唤醒自己下车,乙欣然同意。火车到达A站时,甲沉睡,乙也未醒。甲未能在A站及时下车,为此支出了额外费用。甲要求乙赔偿损失。对此,应( )。
A. 由乙承担缔约过失责任
B. 由甲自己承担损失
C. 由乙承担侵权责任
D. 由乙承担违约责任 
39、 下列不能成为民事法律关系的客体的是( )。
A. 夜空中的星星
B. 塘中的鱼
C. 不作为
D. 企业的名称权
40、 下列情形中属于民事法律事实的是( )。
A. 请朋友吃饭
B. 谈恋爱
C. 离婚
D. 做作业
41、 下列可以为民事法律关系的主体有( )。
A. 机关法人
B. 聋哑人
C. 合伙企业
D. 个体工商户
42、 下列民事法律关系的发生是由行为引起的是( )。
A. 甲与乙签订买卖房屋的合同
B. 甲收养乙为养子
C. 海啸致甲的渔船覆没
D. 甲在非禁渔区钓得大鲤鱼一条
43、 民事法律关系是( )。
A. 以民法上的权利与义务为内容
B. 由民法调整和保护的社会关系
C. 平等主体间发生的社会关系
D. 须同时具备主体、客体和内容三要素
44、 甲男和乙女之间的恋爱关系属于民事法律关系。
A. 正确
B. 错误
45、 在民法上,关于婴儿甲的出生,属于事件。
A. 正确
B. 错误
46、 只有合法行为可以引起民事法律关系的产生、变更、消灭。
A. 正确
B. 错误
47、 下列选项中,不属于民事权利的是( )。
A. 抵押权
B. 受教育权 
C. 人格权
D. 债权
48、 关于民事权利的特征,下列表述错误的是( )。
A. 民事权利是绝对的自由的权利
B. 民事权利是民法所确认的权利
C. 民事权利是具有平等性的权利
D. 民事权利受国家强制力的保障
49、 依据民事权利的效力范围,民事权利可分为( )。
A. 财产权与人身权
B. 主权利与从权利
C. 绝对权与相对权 
D. 请求权与形成权
50、 下列选项中,属于从权利的是( )。
A. 抵押权
B. 人身权
C. 债权
D. 知识产权