6、 Company A buys glue for use in manufacturing its products from companies B, C and D. Which of the following are unlikely to decrease the amount of glue that Company A demands? A:Company B begins selling glue to consumers. B:Company C increases its glue prices. C:Company D stops producing glue. D:Company E begins buying glue from companies B, C and D.
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1、 3【单选题】 (2分)
科学社会主义的直接思想来源是( B )
A. 19世纪三大科学发现
B. 英法两国空想社会主义
C. 德国古典哲学
D. 英国古典政治经济学
2、 4【判断题】 (2分)
“两个必然”与“两个决不会” 都是在揭示了人类社会发展的一般规律,并进一步揭示了资本主义发展的特殊规律基础上所得出的结论一致的科学论断。(错)
3、 5【判断题】 (2分)
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4、 1【判断题】 (2分)
5、 2【判断题】 (2分)
6、 3【判断题】 (2分)
7、 4【判断题】 (2分)
8、 5【判断题】 (2分)
9、 2【判断题】 (10分)A
After you have said goodbye by using phrase like "Have a good day" or "See you later", you cannot say "Bye" at the very enD. A.错
10、 3【听力训练】 (10分) B
Choose the words that you hear in the sentences.
A. pin
B. pen
C. pane
D. pain
11、 4【听力训练】 (10分) C
Choose the words that you hear in the sentences.
A. main
B. menu
C. men
D. man
12、 5【听力训练】 (10分) D
Choose the words that you hear in the sentences.
A. at
B. under
C. end
D. and
13、 6.【单选题】 (10分)C
Which might be a better way to know whether a person is married or not?
A. Ask whether he/she is married or not.
B. Ask how much money he/she can earn.
C. Ask how his/her family is.
D. Ask how many kids he/she has.
14、 7.【单选题】 (10分)B
How can you know the price of the item another person bought without violating other people’s privacy?
A. Ask the person whether he/she can tell you the price
B. Say that you want buy one yourself and ask whether it is expensive.
C. Ask the price directly.
D. Ask the discount directly.
15、 8【多选题】 (10分)CD
Which conversations are formal?
A. a: Hi there. How are things, man?
b: Fine, thanks.
B. a: Hey, how's it going?
b: Oh, not too bad, thanks.
C. a: Good morning. How are you?
b: I'm very well, thank you. And you?
D. a: How do you do, Mr. Wang?
b: How do you do, Mr. Johnson?
16、 9【判断题】 (10分)A
As a response to "How do you do?", you should say "Fine, thank you".
17、 10【判断题】 (10分)A
British use "cheers" to mean "thanks and bye".
18、 1【1】ABCD
Which are INCORRECT?【5分】
A.Michelle is Allie’s sister.
B.Allie has a younger sister.
C.Danny is Allie’s son.
D.Maggie is Allie’s niece.
【2】Whose name should be filled in Blank 1【5分】C
A. Doug
B. Maggie
C. Michelle
D. Kate
19、 2【判断题】 (10分)A
If you want to describe a person, you could introduce information like appearance, mannerism, character traits and emotions.
20、 3【判断题】 (10分)B
Appearance is what someone is from the inside.
21、 4.【单选题】 (10分)B
Which description is more polite?
A. She is kind of heavy.
B. She is a little curvy.
C. She is quite fat.
D. She is so big.
22、 5.【单选题】 (10分)A
What is the right description of family bond?
A. In China, the idea of family, blood relations and kinship are ingrained in Chinese people’s minD. B. Westerners don’t value their families much.
C. Westerners have more time staying with their families.
D. Western family structure is usually small because family members are not close to each other as Chinese do.
23、 6【判断题】 (10分)A
The following sentence contains incomplete explosion:
What day is it today?
24、 7【判断题】 (10分)A
The following sentence contains incomplete explosion:
Ted has a bad cold today.
25、 8【判断题】 (10分)B
The following sentence contains incomplete explosion:
What are you looking at?
26、 9【判断题】 (10分)B
Generally speaking, Chinese parents are more responsible to their kids, while western parents pay less attention to their kids’ growth.
27、 10【判断题】 (10分)B
"Extrovert" is a description of appearance.
【1】According to the audio, which are correct?【5分】AB
A. Nearly all luxury goods are available in ChinA.
B. Prices in China are often very low.
C. The speaker thinks you can learn a lot about China before you come to the country.
D. The speaker strongly recommends that visitors to China visit the Forbidden city and the Great Wall so that they can buy interesting souvenirs.
【2】According to the speaker, it’s a city of variety and _________as well.【5分】C
A. distance
B. young people
C. diversity
D. shops
28、 2【判断题】 (10分)A
By using modal verbs such as "could" or "may" can help you express yourself in a polite way.
A. 对
B. 错
29、 3【判断题】 (10分)B
Landmarks are points of reference and help the other person understand where to find you.
A. 错
B. 对
30、 4【多选题】 (10分)ABCD
To ask for directions, you can use questions including:
A. What is the quickest way to get to...
B. How do I get to ...
C. Where exactly am I?
D. Could you tell me the best way to get to...
31、 5【听力训练】 (10分)
【1】Tick the words that you hear in the sentences.【3分】D
A. bath
B. birth
C. bus
D. buzz
【2】Tick the words that you hear in the sentences.【3分】A
A. sip
B. thip
C. tip
D. zip
【3】Tick the words that you hear in the sentences.【4分】B
A. press
B. price
C. prize
D. prince
32、 6.【单选题】 (10分)C
Please put the following items in ascending order.
A. City
B. County
C. Province
D. Town
E. Village
33、 7【判断题】 (10分)B
Repetition is not a good idea to check your understanding when you ask for directions.
A. 对
B. 错
34、 8【判断题】 (10分)A
“Could you tell me the best way to get to …” – This is a very polite way to ask for directions.
A. 对
B. 错
35、 9【判断题】 (10分)B
If you need to go somewhere fast, you could say "what is the quickest way to get to …".
A. 错
B. 对
36、 10.【单选题】 (10分)A
The journey _____ about twenty minutes.
A. takes
B. needs
C. is long
D. spends
37、 1【听力训练】 (10分)
【1】What is the relationship between the two? 【10分】A
A. Saleswoman and customer.
B. Mother and son.
C. Friends.
D. Husband and wife.
38、 2【听力训练】 (10分)
【1】Which statements are true?【3分】BC
A. Claudia is intelligent.
B. She likes people who are kinD
C. She likes sports.
D. She likes the theater.
【2】Claudia is looking for a person who is ...【3分】ABCD
A. having same hobbies
B. kind
C. intelligent
D. gentle
【3】Which statements are false?【4分】BD
A. She is tall.
B. She loves reading.
C. She loves jogging.
D. She's looking for someone who is handsome.
39、 3【判断题】 (10分)B
It is common to use small talk when you are waiting in a long line-up.
A. 错
B. 对
40、 4【判断题】 (10分)A
One reason people use small talk is to eliminate an uncomfortable silence.
A. 对
B. 错
41、 5【听力训练】 (10分)
【1】Listen to the passage.
I can never guess the weather right (1). If I wear a warm shirt (2), the weather’s hot (3). If I wear cool clothes (4), there’s a cold wind (5).
Which sentences/clauses are rising at the end?
A. the weather’s hot (3)
B. there’s a cold wind (5).
C. If I wear cool clothes (4)
D. I can never guess the weather right (1)
【2】Listen to the passage.
When I don’t take my umbrella (6), it rains (7). If I take my umbrella (8), does it rain (9)? Of course not (10)!
Which sentences/clauses are rising at the end?【3分】BCD
A. it rains (7)
B. When I don’t take my umbrella (6)
C. If I take my umbrella (8)
D. does it rain (9)?
【3】Listen to the passage.
Then I leave it on the bus (11)! Oh well (12). We all have our weaknesses (13), I guess (14)!
Which sentences/clauses are rising at the end?【4分】BCD
A. Then I leave it on the bus (11)
B. We all have our weaknesses (13)
C. I guess (14)
D. Oh well (12)
42、 6.【单选题】 (10分)B
When do people start to shake hands?
A. The Renaissanc
B. The Middle Ages
C. The Second Industrial Revolution
D. The First Industrial Revolution
43、 7【判断题】 (10分)A
It is inappropriate to make small talk with your mailman.
A. 错
B. 对
44、 8【判断题】 (10分)A
Politics is a controversial subject according to society.
A. 对
B. 错
45、 9【判断题】 (10分)B
It is common to discuss the weather in an elevator.
A. 错
B. 对
46、 10【判断题】 (10分)A
It is rude to interrupt a conversation in order to make small talk.
A. 对
B. 错
47、 1【听力训练】 (10分)
【1】What are the five numbers you hear?【10分】D
A. 14-40-15-16:15-17:30
B. 40-14-15-16:50-17:30
C. 40-14-50-16:50-17:30
D. 14-40-50-16:15-17:30
48、 2【听力训练】 (10分)
【1】The question below is based on the audio you have just hearD. 【10分】A
A. He exaggerated his part.
B. He played his part quite well.
C. He performed better than the secretary.
D. He was not dramatic enough.
49、 3【判断题】 (10分)B
The intonation we use on the question tag can affect its purpose.
A. 错
B. 对
50、 4.【单选题】 (10分)D
What is the benefit for American students taking part in different sports activities?
A. They can have more time for study.
B. They can have a better academic performance for graduation.
C. They can get a better job after graduation.
D. They can ease the economic pressure with the help of athletic scholarship, work-study programs and generous financial aid packages.